Moving towards a more employee centric leave management system

Who has availed a casual leave this week? How many sick leave takers? And what about those on vacation? When your company spans more than one branch, across different regions, countries or even continents, monitoring these matters become a complex issue for a sing HR team, even if there is a team present in every center. Opting for a cloud based leave management system makes the entire process easier to manage and more efficiently.

Moving towards employee accountability

The traditional leave management system required the employee to send a host of permission and request forms to numerous heads and HR persons who in turn received plenty of these in the course of a day. This leads to digression from the real tasks of managing the company. If employees are given a simple format to fill in their leave requirement, which in turn will be monitored by all those who are concerned, then a lot of time is saved. The form will be filled and submitted at one point from where it will be disbursed electronically to all those concerned who in turn can view it from wherever they are present on their laptops or mobile devices and give the necessary approvals.

Effectiveness of the procedure

The entire process appears seamless when viewed from the end user point. However, setting up such a system requires the expertise of a professional app development company. The application programmers will take into account therequirements of the organization and create a multi-layered leave module in, which is a very comprehensive platform for creating such an application. The applications will perform tasks such as-

  • Back up data every day
  • Generate time off reports, requests and employee summary
  • It gives the employee the provision to add their own time-offs
  • It features calendaring to record projected offs and leaves

The entire system will have a user-friendly interface that will make it simple for the end user to navigate.


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